março 28, 2012

traveling around

 that's right! more than a year before my last visit i'm going to have a chance to work back in natal-rn.. a really sunny city where i started up my work almost 7 years ago. hoping to get close again with old clients [and some new ones too] and a part of my family. i think this trip is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

this year is changing a lot of my perspectives about tattooing. this one will be the third trip that i've did in 2012 and i want a lot more. went to the south of brazil [curitiba and são paulo] to reach out really big cities which are great places to work.

i'll post some pics of what i'll be doing for now on. hope you enjoy it....

work station visited by my good friend juanito "daruma" rodrigues

did this in SÃO PAULO - SP

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