photo: @nicfoto

izaac started his journey in brazil around 2002 in sunny city near great beaches called natal-rn, where he lived somehow for seven years and the most important thing...learned how to drink! haha after that he moved back to the city where he was born, brasilia-df! that's right there in this really barren and desolate city where he starts the second stage of tattooing. the real one!
nowadays, izaac, who you could also see a lot of times called by this ugliest name: durex, is working in brasilia at ARTFAMILY along with a bunch of another battle warriors who are the best!!

for contact email me at: izaac@livetowin.com.br or you can sendo for durexis@gmail.com either
for an online portfolio of me and another tattoo artists that work together here at ARTFAMILYTATTOO you can find us at flickr
for funny things and also faster aproach you can reah me at twitter @durexoficial
for social media facebook

+55[61] 3226-0976
SHS setor hoteleiro sul - quadra 01 - bloco a - loja 29
galeria do hotel nacional

em inglês parece ser bem menos melacueca! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa